Drones being used to monitor WordCup

Robots and drones will protect visitors, naturally
When we heard battle-tested robots would be brought in to man the World Cup, images of a RoboCop-esque army appeared. Sadly, these guys are a lot slower, less humanoid and definitely cannot talk. 30 iRobot 510 PackBot will be used to help police deal with any suspicious items. They can perform bomb disposals along with surveillance. 30 won’t be enough to survey the millions that will descend upon Brazil, but Rio has invested in a surveillance centre for monitoring the city, with cameras, GPS locators and audio surveillance capabilities. It will follow 3,000 cameras placed throughout the 12 venue cities. The country has spent a reported $900 million on bolstering security, and there might be hope for RoboCop yet — it’s also reportedly invested in intrusive facial-recognition camera glasses to be worn by police. And while the rest of the world is messing around with pesky airspace laws, Brazil has purchased some Israeli drones to monitor the skies. Brasilia is watching you.

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