Dunkin’ is breaking up with foam coffee cups

It’s not you. It’s the environment. Dunkin’ is ending its relationship with foam cups.

For decades, those who frequent Dunkin’ were in a relationship with the chains’ easily identifiable foam cups as much as they were with the hot brewed drinks.
The foam phaseout is underway in New England where it’s expected to be completed across the region by December 1, CNN affiliate WFXT reports.
Because heat flowed through the polystyrene cups and made them hard to handle, for years folks often added an extra foam cup as insulation.
And in a nod to longtime customers who grew accustomed to double-cupping every time they grabbed coffee, Dunkin’ is helping them warm up to the new cups.
Dunkin’ has baristas wearing pins reading “the double cup is breaking up.”
The company revealed billboards touting the chain’s journey toward “Consciously Un-Cup-Ling” and on Twitter called it a #DoubleCupBreakup.

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