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Are you fat? Lack energy? Depressed?

To my fellow ol' dogs,

It's time to learn a new trick. Are you holding onto more body fat then you did when you were younger? Do you have a lack of energy? Believe your testosterone is low?

Guess what.... your lifestyle is FUBAR.... time to make some changes.

Years of poor diet and a lack of a healthy lifestyle has made you insulin resistant. Before going out and getting yourself hooked up on steroids or TRT for life do some research on taking the proper steps to reverse your insulin resistance. It is obvious, and you are not alone, that the western diet has programmed us to literally eat ourselves to death. Take charge of your choices and let a new you be your cure.

I am not saying that making healthy lifestyle changes are a cure all because the damage may have already been done and irreversible but it is a huge step in the right direction. At the very least you will increase your life expectancy and feel better living it.

“Current science suggests that a calorie of carbohydrate is more fattening than a calorie of protein or fat because of the effect on insulin. Too many of the wrong carbs cause insulin resistance. In fact, the solution to lasting health is to maintain normal insulin levels.”

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