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Why You Can't Get Big

I was inspired to write this post after a recent video upload from one of the guys I follow on YouTube. I'll do my best to paraphrase him while adding as much of my own thoughts to it.

Despite the perception that your genetics are the biggest limiting factor in your pursuit to add size, followed by access to drugs and supplements, the number one factor is your appetite.

You can run 5 grams of gear and train like a beast, if you're not eating in a caloric surplus you'll never access the size potential you're capable of. Yes, it is true that everyone has a ceiling when it comes to potential body mass. But let me ask you this: which is more common - for someone to reach their true genetic potential or for someone to give up before reaching their full potential? The reality is that very few people in this world have what it takes to reach their maximum size potential. So if you're under 250 and you're thinking things like, "My metabolism is just too fast" or "My body doesn't want to build anymore muscle," I'd like to tell you that you're wrong and you need to go eat something.

And yes, I know you eat. I know you eat a lot. However, a lot is not a number and building size is all science. Determining your total daily energy expenditure and eating in excess of that number will lead to gains in mass. Combine this with a scientific approach to your nutrition, intense weight training, proper rest and a solid chemical protocol and there's no reason why the gains won't be lean mass.

The majority of the guys who have difficulty gaining size will take a meticulous and often extreme approach to cutting. Not only will they track every calorie, do a ton of cardio, run Clen and T3, but they'll also drop their calories down to 1000 calories below maintenance or more!

All I ask is that these same guys consider if they've put the same type of effort into bulking. Are they tracking calories during a bulking phase with the same diligence? Are they prioritizing their sleep as much as they prioritize their cardio? Are you consistently eating 1000 calories or more over your TDEE?

Everyone hits plateaus on a bulk. The scale stops moving up. So you add 150 calories. When that doesn't work, you add 300 calories. Still not moving? Take another day off from the gym. Still nothing. Add 500. The pros have TDEEs that would make your head spin. Juan Morel has a metabolism that makes 10,000 calorie cheat days necessary during his bulk. When he eats 7500 calories consistently and the scale doesn't move, does he say, "I must be at my genetic size limit," or does he find a way to reach his goal?

Listen, anyone can get lean. I'm not marginalizing the difficulty of getting into contest shape by any means. But the reality is that there are a ton of guys at your gym, the club, the beach, probably even your job - with a defined six pack. But how many guys have 150, 200 or 250 pounds of muscle on their frame? You don't see these guys walking around too often for one simple reason: eating all that food is difficult.

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