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Keeping Gains Through PCT While Cutting

I find myself in an interesting situation. My bulking cycle ended up turning into more of a recomp. The last 7 weeks of the cycle are now devotes to cutting bodyfat. Ive been all in with low carbs, an hour of cardio a day and training high volume (still heavy 8-15 rep range) and have dropped 30 pounds in 5.5 weeks, most of it bloat and fat (hardly any muscle). My goal is to lose another 13 pounds from today. My cycle ends May 31st followed by a 4 week standard PCT of Clomid and Nolva. July 4th weekend I plan on being off my diet, but with the potential to return to it afterward.

Ive been at 50 grams of protein per meal for 5.5 weeks and havent lost much muscle. My carbs are either 70 or 90 grams total each day. My plan is to gradually increase, beginning today, each meal by 5 grams of protein until I reach 75 grams of protein per meal for the first week of PCT. From there I'll drop down to 65 grams each meal and then 55 and finally back to 50 by the 4th week of PCT. My theory (and hope) is that consuming 375-450 grams of protein (5 or 6 whole meals) per day for that first week and then 325-390 the second week, etc while dropping my carbs even further and going into ketosis (by eating more beef) will allow me to continue burning body fat and (more importantly) preserving as much muscle as possible.

If anybody has any thoughts or ideas on this I'd love to figure out the best strategy to accomplish my goal with your help. Thank you.

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