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Staying off steroids between cycles

We all know that coming off steroids can mess with your mind in many ways. I want to just get into my story. Basicly, I blasted and cruised for 3 years & decided to take a break. I did a good PCT, but after being on for sooo long my body was a little screwd up. When I did my blood work many of my markers were off & i was very responsible when cycling as far as liver care & PCT. Anyway, I figured my markers would get back into normal levels over time and some did. The most interesting thing was my liver enzymes were elevated for a very long time even though I was clean & taking liver care. I was doing blood work every 3 months and although my enzymes were going down it was very slow and there were still out of normal range. I think that it actually took 8 months for my liver enzymes to get into the low normal. So I'm really glad I decided to clean out in that aspect. I'm in my late 40's & have been juicing on & off since I was 19. I have taken off from ASS use three times in my life for 5 years plus, but always relapsed when I wanted to really get in shape. I consider myself a old school user of low doses & only pre contest ASS use until 3 years ago when I decided to blast and cruise because of the current fad of it. I wish I didn't... It gave me ED issues I never had & caused me a divorce. I did fix my ED issues over time & have a new amazing girlfriend and life. I just want to tell people fads are not always better. Do what works for you!!!! I was able to turn on my system and feel good again but it took a really long time...9 months! I'm really enjoying being natural again and I'm actually making small gains. Yeah.. I got a little fat, but kept my measurments soo all good. At the three-month mark I thought about doing trt cuz I really felt like shit but on the fourth month I had a small rebound & my Test level rose naturally. At the 7th month mark I decided to take some OTC test boosters which was a very bad mistake. It actually lowered my natural test and my doctor told me to quit taking the test boosters because it can do that. She is seeing clients lower their test Levels by just taking over-the-counter boosters. Soo I took two steps forward one step backwards but then at the 9-month mark my test levels rose again naturally and I'm horny as hell...morning erections, night erections, and the good mood feels great and I'm almost 50. The takeaway... don't be quick to jump on trt it's for Life. YOUR body will reset it just takes a really long time. Blast and cruise at your own risk! Not saying I'll never take steroids again but I'll only do it for 3 or 4 months and wait a long time in between for my system to turn back on. Basically once a year or once every two years to play it safe!

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