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AIRO - an exceptional wristband coming soon

so, after having the worst sleep i have ever had in the past 6 days, i finally crashed at around 6 am and woke up at around 10:15.  opened up the laptop and continued to do more research on what i can do to improve my quality of sleep and stumbled upon this device.  i have seen the nike fuel band, and the other ones who track your workouts and what not.  but as i was reading about this device, which is not even out yet, and has a supposed ship date of fall 2014, this thing does something different.

1. it tracks exactly what you eat automatically.  it doesn't know that you just smashed a whole candy bar in 30 seconds.  , but here is the kicker.  "it does know that your body just consumed 400 calories, 10grams of protein and 70grams of carbs, grams of fat, etc or whatever that macro of that candy bar is".  the reason im really liking this feature is that for all us endo's on both sides of the scale, extreme endo or mild endo, etc, this is a godsend.  we have to keep track of our cals, and food intake, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!  without this, we get fat. end of story!  and to have this done automatically for us?  i rest my case.

2.  the sleep feature.  the following is verbatim off the site.... "We spend a third of our lives sleeping but we know very little about it. AIRO tracks your circadian rhythm and can see distinct sleep cycles. It'll wake you up at the optimum time and will let you know how much of your night's sleep was restorative".  I like this for a couple reasons.  First, it can give us insight to how we sleep and maybe how to correct it.  For all of us gym rats going crazy of gains and how much muscle we build at night, etc.  this can tell us how many hours we are actually getting where are bodies are building muscle.  Another thing i found on an article about this is this...."the AIRO taps into your nervous system to suss out your sleep patterns and whether you're a light or heavy sleeper. It'll vibrate to wake you up when it's the most optimal, and it'll tell you how many hours of restorative sleep you had."  pretty interesting shit!

3. It will also monitor your stress levels and give you readings if you need to relax, even suggest taking "rest days".  wow. 

4. finally its ability to track your cals burned, exercise intensity, etc.  from what i read , the biggest difference between this deivce and all the others on the market is, that this device does not give you raw data.  it gives you information that's easy to read, instead of having you guess of what to do next and make your own suggestions. 

i know for a fact, that just for the first reason, i will be buying this thing.  that right there is worth its weight in goal. calorie counting. fuck that!  but number 2 comes at a close second

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