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Choosing a source tips

Thanks to review sites like Swole Boys finding a source that wont scam you is extremely easy. But just because they wont steal your hard earned money isn't enough to continue doing business with them. Must remember these are underground unlicensed manufacturers and some could be slapping stuff together in their kitchen. With that said this thread is gonna be for my tips and tips any of you other guys may have for choosing a high quality source.

1. The most obvious way is to read the reviews and view source discussions. A source with mostly good reviews is probably not a bad option.

2. Check and see how active the source is on forums. If hes active it means he will be more likely to answer questions quckly and be easily accessible.

3. Check their product images. Do they have professional looking labels? do the oils look clean? vials have tops? sure labels don't guarantee quality gear but it shows how much effort and professionalism the source puts into their product.

4. While we will NEVER truly know what conditions they are producing product in I like to look for sources that at least claim to have an actual lab.

5. type of oils used and solvent content. high solvent content is bad and shows either laziness or poor knowledge about brewing on sources part. ask source about their recipes and WHY? solvents are toxic and Test E for example can be made without any benzyl benzoate so WHy would a source slap in 20%??? solvents can make you feel sick and cause PIP. did I mention their toxic?

6. have others gotten bloods using this sources gear?

7. filtration methods/22 vs .45/the later doesn't filter all bacteria that can cause infections!!!!

8. give it a shot yourself. remember good quality made gear should NOT cripple you and cause severe PIP. do not be fooled by people who tell you otherwise. if your gear is quality there is no need to massage and do all the other PIP remedies people recommend. do NOT be fooled. If it cripples you throw the garbage out and find diff lab.

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