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90% mental 10% physical

What do I mean by this this is how I like to start out training newbies to the sport of arm wrestling OK your Prob like only 10% physical well you do have to work out like crazy and get on the table and practice practice work out tendeants and ligaments that ya never new ya had but ya can be the biggest and strongest man there but if ya walk up to the table and well let'sĀ  use me for instance I went to ky muscle and got on the table with rj from the show swamp ppl and his son j Paul if I would had let there fame and them being well known I would had already been beat in my head if your already beat in your head you will win no match so you have to control your mind and don't let it get the best of you and good luck pulling hope this helps who ever would like to get into the sportĀ  member your as strong as your mind let's you be

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